Hollywood script depicts Indian Characters in a belittling manner

March 16, 2017 06:44
Hollywood script depicts Indian Characters in a belittling manner

Hollywood is not as free, liberal and diverse as it seems to be.

While Hollywood conveniently cast white actors for the role of Jesus or Moses and many other middle-eastern characters, they racially typecast all other races.

Indian-origin Hollywood actor Kal Penn tweeted pictures of the audition scripts, which he had received during the beginning days of his career in the film industry.


The Indian character in the script is labeled in what can be termed as only ridiculously stereotyped terms.

Kal Penn is best known for his roles in How I Met Your Mother and Harold & Kumar movies.

Penn also said that lots of Indian characters in the television scripts are not named at all.

He recalled the time, when he was asked for a stronger Indian accent.

"There are too many in this stack to tweet. I'll be here all day," he concluded.

Indian-origin actor, Sendhil Ramamurthy, who is well known for the hit TV series ‘Heroes’ was offended by seeing those scripts. And asked Penn for advice on how he could help to change the situation, to which he replied simply: “Write”.

Just because the show is funny in nature, an Indian-origin actor cannot be type casted so many times.

Kal Penn was also appointed as a public engagement adviser to former President Barack Obama.

Indian-origin Kal Penn raised funds after mocked on social media


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